This policy was last updated 23 May 2018

This site is operated by Emerging Payments Awards (“EPA” / “us” / “we”), which is the trading name of Emerging Payments Ltd. (“EPL”) and Emerging Payments Ventures Ltd. (“EPV”) This document sets out the Privacy Policy for EPA, EPL and EPV, which covers our use of personal information that we collect when you use this site and has been updated to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For the Terms and Conditions governing use of this site, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

From time to time, you may be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name, email address, company and role) in order to receive industry newsletters, information on relevant events and activities or to use services on our website.

By providing your personal information, you enable us and our service providers to provide you with the services you select. Our service providers enable you to sign up for our events and to receive relevant information through newsletters. Whenever you provide personal information, we will act in accordance with current legislation and aim to meet current internet best practice.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will keep the personal information you entrust to us safe and secure. We will not share your personal information with other parties without your prior consent, unless there is a legitimate business reason, such as providing it for a security or Health and Safety checklist at an event. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will comply with the Act and related legislation.


“Personal data” means any data that relates to an identified or identifiable individual.

“You” means any individual person identified or identifiable by this personal data.

“Processing” means any operation or set of operations performed on personal data, including collection, recording, storage, use and erasure.


As a business, we collect or receive personal information on our site visitors, clients, prospects and other third parties in various ways, including: newsletter subscriptions; orders for events, products and/or services, or enquiries by telephone, post, the internet, email or business cards; or feedback, research or request forms.

As a business, we process personal information as follows. All personal information is recorded and stored internally, securely on a password-protected system as is only kept for as long as there is a legitimate business interest.

We may use your personal details, where we have a legitimate business interest:

  • to meet orders or requests for services or information; to process payments; and to keep our records up-to-date;
  • to tell you by telephone or email about relevant products and/or services that you may be interested in;
  • to enable our third-party service providers to contact you on our behalf.


In order to put our policy into practice, we use our best endeavours to follow six guidelines:

  1. We will ensure our systems are secure to protect your personal information from misuse;
  2. We will respect your privacy in the way that we contact you, whether by telephone or email;
  3. We will not hold your personal information for longer than is necessary and will delete it once there is no legitimate business interest or at your request;
  4. We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to other people or businesses.
  5. We will comply promptly (within 28 days) with any instructions from you to update your personal information or requests from you to see the information that we hold on you or to delete it;
  6. We will comply with lawful requests to disclose personal information to certain authorities (e.g. the police);


Our website, products and services are NOT directed to children. We will not knowingly process personal data from children and will delete such information later determined to be from a person younger than age 16. If you are aged 16 and under, you must have your parent’s or guardian’s permission before you provide personal information to us. We do not wish to collect any personal information without this permission.


During the course of your visit to our Website, your computer may be issued with cookies. Cookies are text files which identify your computer to a server. Cookies do not in themselves identify you as an individual, just the computer you are using. We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information using the cookie.

Cookies are commonly used on the Internet and do not harm your system.

Cookies have a number of uses. For example, cookies are part of the mechanism that allows you to log in and out of our Website rather than having to enter your password repeatedly during a session. They can also be used to estimate the number of users to our Website. Cookies may also be used for other purposes, such as to maintain the security of the Website and provide information on what administrative support the Website may require.

The cookies used on fall into two categories which are detailed below:

Functional: These cookies are used to enable core website functionality and do not contain any personal information.

  • cnotice – stores your cookie preference

Analytics: These cookies allow us to count page visits and traffic sources so we can monitor and improve the performance of our Website.

  • __utma – part of Google Analytics package monitoring website usage
  • __utmb – part of Google Analytics package monitoring website usage
  • __utmc – part of Google Analytics package monitoring website usage
  • __utmz – part of Google Analytics package monitoring website usage

If you wish, you can prevent acceptance of cookies by your Internet browser, although this will impair your use of our site. You can change the preferences or settings in your web browser to control cookies. In some cases, you can choose to accept cookies from the primary site, but block them from third parties. In others, you can block cookies from specific advertisers, or clear out all cookies.

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Our analytics partner also provides the ability for users to opt-out using the following links:

Google Analytics:

Further information on cookies is available online at:

We will not sell or distribute cookie information.

Links to other websites: our websites may include links to other non-EPA web sites. These are outside our control and not covered by this policy. If you access those sites via the links, use of those sites will be in accordance with the privacy policy of those site operators, which may differ from ours.


You can always change the personal information that we hold and it is free to do so. If you wish to change any details then please write to us at the address below.

You can request a copy of the personal information that we may hold by writing to us at the address below.


We may change this policy to keep up to date with changes in legislation and best practice.


Further information about data protection is available online at the Information Commissioner’s website:


If you wish to contact us about this policy, please write to:

Data Protection Officer
Emerging Payments Awards
Colechurch House
1 London Bridge Walk