Industry Contributor of the Year

Last Year’s Winner:

Detailed definition

Industry Contributor of the Year category covers an individual or team that has made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the emerging payments or prepaid industry, either in their own national market or at a European level. Entrants may nominate themselves or be nominated by another.

We are looking for individuals or a team who have made a contribution to the industry and market as a whole, not just their own or their organisation’s success. They will often be recognised as thought leaders and industry spokespeople.

Individuals or teams must be operating in the emerging payments sector at the time of submission and may be based and/or operate in any country.

Please provide the following information:


Nominee & nominator

  • Name of nominating individual or team
  • Organisation name of nominating individual/team
  • Name of nominated individual or team
  • Organisation name of individual/team nominated
  • What is your business relationship with the nominee


Reason for nomination

  1. Describe the services the individual or team provides to the emerging payments industry.
  2. Give a brief history and description of the nominee.
  3. Explain what makes the nominee unique within the emerging payments or prepaid industry.
  4. Explain how the nominee significantly contributed to the emerging payments/prepaid industry during the twelve months prior to March 2021, in a way that helped the industry thrive and in what specific markets. If relevant, please provide supporting evidence of how others in the industry have recognised the difference they have made.