Emerging Payments Industry Contributor of the Year

Dave Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion

It is a really hard job to pick the winner of the Industry Contributor of the Year because there are so many talented, entrepreneurial, hard-working people in our industry. So, we look for a special combination of skills and experience. We prize people who have not only helped to make a firm – or more than one firm – successful, but who have also contributed their energy, time and ideas to making the whole payments business move forward on an international basis. The 2018 winner has all those qualities. He was one of the leading lights behind the EMV standards and architecture and also the technical standards that enable the world’s most successful mobile money system in Kenya. He is also a genuine thought leader in payments and e-identity and can be found contributing vigorously to debates just about everywhere on the planet.  And not only does he remain active in Consult Hyperion, but he is prepared to contribute his time to industry bodies and initiatives without an expectation of a payback.

Best International Payments, Remittance or use of FX

Banking Circle


Banking Circle is a global scale financial utility that helps FinTechs and banks to provide their customers with faster, cheaper cross-border banking solutions. Within three years of its launch, Banking Circle is already processing 700,000 payments each month, totalling EUR 60 billion.

Best Consumer Funded Payments Programme

Lyk by Thomas Cook Money


Thomas Cook Money offers simple, secure holiday money solutions that avoid hidden currency transaction charges and unforeseen holiday spending costs. Lyk is its prepaid multi-currency travel money card, powered by Mastercard and with an app so you can track it all on your smartphone.

Best Financial Inclusion Payments Programme

EcoCash powered by mobiquity Money, Mahindra Comviva and Econet Wireless (Cassava Fintech)

EcoCash uses the mobile phone to address the challenge of financial inclusion in Zimbabwe. EcoCash mobile money service offers digital payments to the unbanked and under-banked and, after just 6 years, is used by 80% of the adult population in Zimbabwe, increasing financial inclusion to 72%.

Best Corporate/Government Funded Payments Programme for consumers


IDEMIA has been supporting the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) since 2009, with the most ambitious biometric identity program in the world. IDEMIA biometric matching gives millions of people a verifiable portable proof of identity.


Best B2B Payments Programme

Modulr: Making Business Payments. Simple.

Modulr is an API platform that simplifies complex payment flows. Modulr’s Instant Accounts make it easier to make payments via Faster Payments, collections and reconciliation, and automated splitting and notifications.


Best Banking Initiative

PrePay Solutions – Tide

Tide is an e-money current account service developed exclusively for small businesses and facilitated by PrePay Solutions. Tide saves business owners time by simplifying account sign-up and financial admin.

Best Collaboration Initiative

i-movo & PayPoint, Payment Exception Service

i-movo’s Secure Digital Voucher system and the PayPoint network is the basis of the UK government’s new ‘Payment Exception Service’ (PES), which is used to pay benefits to those unable or unwilling to use standard banking products.


Best Use of Payments Data


Cybertonica uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to reduce basket drop-off and increase conversion for e-payments and transaction platforms. Cybertonica’s service increases conversion and sales by up to 25% while fraud at world-class compliant standards.

Most Innovative Mobile or Proximity Payment Solution

Vocalink, a Mastercard company for Vocalink PromptPay – Thailand

Vocalink’s Thailand’s PromptPay enables citizens – including the unbanked – to make and receive payments direct into their bank accounts or digital wallets linked to their national ID, mobile phone numbers or email addresses. With adoption by all the major banks in Thailand, it has 40m users in its first year.

Most Innovative Retailer Implementation of Emerging Payments

The Yoyo-powered Caffè Nero payments and loyalty app

Yoyo payments and loyalty app for Caffè Nero provides a seamless payment experience to 70,000+ customers every day and give Caffè Nero the data tools and insight to better engage, reward and retain their customers.

Best PSP or Acquiring Solution Provider

Paysafe Group


Paysafe’s PSP and Acquiring capabilities enable merchants to grow in a changing marketplace and streamline operations. Paysafe supports merchants’ business plans through continuing to evolve acquiring benefits, relevant solutions and proven success and security.

Best Back Office Innovation

Banking Circle

By leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network, Banking Circle helps banks and FinTechs to provide their customers with faster and cheaper cross border banking, without needing to build their own infrastructure and correspondent banking partner network.

Best Customer Facing Experience

Klarna Pay later


Klarna is transforming the online experience for consumers, removing barriers to sale, reducing risk and improving cash flow for the retailer, while providing great customer engagement. Klarna Pay later offers immediate access to interest-free invoiced payments.

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Monese and PrePay Solutions – Free Movement of Money

Monese is an inclusive, instant and on-demand UK mobile banking service. Monese’s “Free Movement of Money Campaign”, supporting the launch of its new Eurozone account, allowed Monese customers to transfer up to €350,000,000 between their UK and Eurozone accounts with no fees.

Best Professional Service Organisation supporting Emerging Payments

SkyParlour Content and PR

SkyParlour is a UK-based content and PR specialist, with a proven track record of serving companies in the emerging payments space across the UK, Central Europe, APAC and North America. SkyParlour helps payments industry clients communicate better with their audiences to achieve their business goals.

Best Technical Service Organisation supporting Emerging Payments


Modulr’s payments platform is designed for businesses that routinely make or receive a lot of payments, or have a lot of complexity. Modulr provides a simple API, 24×7 availability and exceptional developer support – making it easy to build payments into the heart of any business.

Leading Payments Start-Up

Curve with Wirecard

The Curve card, issued by Wirecard and powered by the Curve app, allows the user to add all their debit and credit cards into one Mastercard, enabling them to spend, see and save money across all of their accounts and helping them manage their money in a whole new way.

Leading Emerging Payments Organisation

PrePay Solutions

PrePay Solutions designs, manages and implements a wide variety of prepaid cards programmes with a comprehensive portfolio that includes gifting, travel, corporate disbursement, everyday spending, promotions and loyalty.

Best CSR or Charity Initiative

B4B Payments Charity Solutions, with Wirecard

B4B Payments, with its issuing partner Wirecard, create outstanding charity solutions that help create a more fair, just and inclusive society and provide support to those who most urgently need it, while avoiding the legacy barriers within banking and financial services that often get in the way. SILVER AWARD


Best Financial Inclusion Payments Programme

Vocalink, a Mastercard company for Vocalink PromptPay – Thailand

Best B2B Payments Programme

Banking Circle

Best Collaboration Initiative

Balance Plus by Veon in partnership with Prepay Nation

Most Innovative Mobile or Proximity Payment Solution


Best Back Office Innovation


The Chargeback Company – Targeting the source: data-driven chargeback

Best Customer Facing Experience


Jumio and Monzo

Best Technical Service Organisation supporting Emerging Payments


Leading Payments Start-Up



Leading Emerging Payments Organisation


Best CSR or Charity Initiative




Most Innovative Retailer Implementation of Emerging Payments

Co-op and Mastercard

Best Back Office Innovation



Best Customer Facing Experience


Duesday by CFT Group

Leading Emerging Payments Organisation

Bottomline Technologies

Best CSR or Charity Initiative


For Good Causes

Best Professional Service Organisation

Kemp Little