Data-based entries increase chance of winning awards

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Dear potential winner of an Emerging Payments Award,

I’m sure you are confident your programme, company or person is a worthy winner, and have evidence to prove it.

But you might feel reluctant to include the data, due to concerns about confidentiality.

Well rest assured. There are three ways in which your information is kept in the strictest confidence. First, the web site submissions process is entirely confidential; entries are only seen by our producer and those judges selected to evaluate your submission, who are themselves under contract to keep everything confidential.

Second, you can mark particular parts of the submission, ‘in confidence’. And third, you will be asked to sign off anything we wish to publish about your nomination, so you can remove any confidential or sensitive information before it is promoted.

So don’t be reluctant. Go ahead and submit your best nominations in any of the categories where you are likely to be a winner, and include the facts that prove it.

And remember. You only have another x days to submit your nomination for the biggest and best awards in the world of payments innovation.

Best wishes,

Tony Craddock

Chairman, Emerging Payments Awards

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