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Enter the awards, become a sponsor or just join us for a great party and networking event!


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.06.45In 2015, the Emerging Payments Awards will be in its eighth year, building on the success of the Prepaid Awards that has been judging and celebrating the best people and programmes in the global payments industry since 2006.

We’ll be inviting submissions to the 2015 Awards on 9 March and you can watch our How to write a winning entry video by clicking here or on the image above.  It won’t guarantee you win, but it will help make sure you meet the brief!

The emerging payments market covers a multitude of new payments instruments and all the support infrastructure.  It’s a market that’s constantly evolving and is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurialism.

The Awards are designed to celebrate that creative and business talent.  Each year, we invite entries into 20+ categories which are then judged by a team of independent industry experts who are briefed to assess the submissions purely on what’s written in the entries.  This ensures a level playing field.  We then produce a shortlist and the winners are announced at our customary glittering ceremony in November.  In 2015 it’s on Thursday 15 November at the Lancaster London.  You can get a taste of the Awards evening from this video of a previous ceremony.

You can get involved with the Emerging Payments Awards in a number of ways: submitting an entry , sponsoring the awards or attending the ceremony.

Entries can be from anywhere in the world: in 2014 we had submissions from as far afield as Canada, Poland and Kenya and we welcome emerging companies with innovative ideas and technology, as the name implies.

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